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  1. Increase bookings
  2. Develop a memorable positioning statement
  3. Create outstanding promotional materials
  4. Identify target markets
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  6. Answer sales objections and close more sales
  7. Find the decision maker
  8. Develop other revenue streams
  9. Develop your "sales speak"
  10. Gain the competitive edge

Discover how Lois can help you to Book More Business! Learn how to quantify prospect's interest, close more sales, and effective "sales speak".

Bold claim? YES! But I've been working with professional speakers to do just this for years. You can benefit from that combined knowledge and take your business to the next level! What's more, I guarantee it!

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"Lois Creamer has the BEST positioning statement ever. It is so simply specific. What speaker could hear it and NOT want a conversation with her? She helped with mine!"
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

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