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The Secrets to Selling to National Associations

One of the best opportunities in the speaking business can be presenting at national associations. They can be challenging to obtain as well as frustrating, but worth the work. Everyone in the audience may be a prospect for your presentation, products, and ancillary...

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This is Not a Question That I Get Asked A Lot

The phone rang at 8:01 AM in my office a few months ago. A very familiar voice said, "It's time". I knew what she was talking about since we had been discussing the pros and cons of adding a staff person to assist her in her small business. I'm talking small …very...

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How to Successfully Sell Your Speech

The key to getting engagements on the calendar will be your ability to connect with those who actually book speakers. You can find them on the phone by calling, but social media is also a great way to seek out executives in companies. Perhaps send an email to connect...

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