Market Intelligence –  Insights on Speaker Selection and More

A speaking insight report from AAE Speakers Bureau reports the following trends. I’ve summarized it.

Rising Costs and Organizers’ Concerns:

  • Organizers worried about rising costs (no surprise here) and attendee numbers.
  • Meeting professionals may be more inclined to check out speakers in the city where the meeting will be held to hold down costs.

Themes and Topics:

  • Top themes include artificial intelligence, Belonging, DEI, wellness – especially mental health, corporate culture issues, and economics.
  • Speakers must be able to bridge gaps in divisive environments, focus on belonging, and address neurodiversity and accessibility.

AI as a Critical Tool:

  • Speakers will need to address impact of AI as well as it’s social implications

Driving Attendance:

  • Attendees are more selective than ever on what they attend due to work/life balance, budgets
  • Great communication and promotion a must to drive people to the meeting. Speakers need to help with pre-event publicity. Ask what your clients want!

Demand for Diverse Speakers and Virtual:

  • Organizers will advance DEI by booking diverse speakers. I feel strongly that we need to challenge groups to make sure their platforms reflect their audiences, their client bases.
  • Virtual offerings are down, but we may see a rise as budgets get tighter.

Indicators of Event Success:

  • Top indicators include attendance, survey responses, social media engagement. No real surprises here.


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