5 Ways Speakers Can Help Meeting Professionals Plan a Successful Event

Speakers are being asked to do more than speak. They’re being asked to help ensure the success of each event. Here are the top five things meeting professionals are requesting speakers to do.

  1. Clear Communication: By providing meeting planners with detailed information about your topic and any specific requirements or technical needs well in advance, you’re helping them effectively coordinate logistics. This ensures that your presentation aligns seamlessly with the overall event agenda, giving planners a sense of reassurance and confidence. Not to mention giving yourself reassurance and confidence!
  2. Flexibility and Adaptability: Be open to adjustments, especially if there are changes or unforeseen circumstances during the planning process. Your willingness to accommodate last-minute modifications or requests demonstrates professionalism and makes it easier for meeting pros to manage the event smoothly.
  3. Promotion and Engagement: Assist meeting pros in promoting the event by engaging with your audience on social media, sharing event details with your network, and offering promotional materials or resources that attendees may find valuable. Your support in generating buzz and excitement can increase attendance and overall event success. Speakers are being asked to do this now more than ever. The added benefit to assisting in this way is giving yourself some self-promotion.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Offer to participate in networking sessions, panel discussions, or meet-and-greet opportunities with attendees, sponsors, or other speakers. Facilitating connections and interactions enhances the overall event experience and creates valuable networking opportunities for participants, not to mention it deepens the relationship with your client. An added benefit? You can charge a higher fee for a facilitation or panel opportunity.
  5. Post-Event Follow-Up: After the event, proactively follow up with your decision maker to express appreciation for the opportunity and gather feedback. This not only allows you to continuously improve but also strengthens your relationship with the client. It’s a way of acknowledging their efforts and showing that you value the collaboration for future events. This is also the perfect time to ask for “Aftercare” opportunities. How can you take the next step with a client beyond the speech? Consulting, an additional workshop, Q&A session, or small group work? I discuss this in detail in the last chapter of “Book More Business: Make Money Speaking”.

By actively supporting the decision-makers you work with throughout the planning process and beyond, you can contribute to the event’s success while building positive relationships and fostering future opportunities for work.

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