Are You Leveraging the Power of Press Releases?

Many people I talk to think press releases are “old fashioned” and not used anymore. To the contrary! They are indeed used. The problem is, the web is inundated with them and most don’t get the kind of attention we seek. So, what’s the answer?

I suggest to my clients that they continue to put out press releases on anything that is worthwhile. By that I mean any of the following:

– Receiving an award
– Article you wrote printed in a prestigious publication
– Article written about you and your business
– Release of a new book
– Release of a new product
– Big event where you just presented
– Anything that you feel would bring positive attention to your business

By the way, if you don’t know how to write a press release I suggest you do what I did to learn. Google “Write a press release”! Yes! True! That’s how I taught myself how to write a release. One main point I would make here. A press release is not long. It is short, to the point. Read examples and you’ll see what I mean.

OK, since I’ve already said that the web is inundated with them, where to post your press releases? I suggest posting them on your website under a page marked “News” or “Press Room”. That is where they will get read and seen by prospects that are checking you out! Further, there may be other things you want to include with press releases on this page. Highlight events you’ve participated in, anything you think would be promotional.

I suggest you do this now. Go back and review events and things that you have done that you could write a press release on and do it. Post date the release and put it up!

There are services that will host your press releases. I’m not convinced they are getting the kind of attention that is worth their fee. Using my process costs you nothing.

Try it and let me know what you think! I love hearing your success stories!

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