It’s Time to Celebrate! Your Target Market is Shrinking!

Have I lost my mind? Celebrate? Yes! What I really mean is, let’s celebrate that the world is getting smaller and smaller due to technology. Are you with me now?

We now have all sorts of tools available to us to either give value to clients via webinars or give the added value of all kinds after the speech. That’s what I want you to consider with this post.

I was approached several years ago to do a sales program for a corporate sales force. It would be a great job. They said they didn’t have my fee. What shall we do, I asked myself? The answer was to add value after. It worked! Add value, don’t lower fee!

I asked what the plans were after my program to ensure that new ideas and strategies were applied and were actually working. Chirp, chirp .. You get it, nothing, nada, no plans at all. So I asked, “What if we had a sales meeting by phone? What if I send you a number to dial in and everyone who was at the meeting can let me know what’s working, what’s not and why?”

Notice, this wasn’t even a Skype deal! It was a good old phone! They took me up on it! We talked for an hour. That is ten percent of took advantage of it did. I got a lot out of it. I heard those who were in on the call did too.

I called the person who hired me originally with a report on the call. I told him that it went well, those who participated were chatty, happy and I was able to answer some questions. However… he had a new problem. An ENGAGEMENT problem. Only ten percent took advantage of this. I heard later he had another person come in and talk engagement! Go figure!

So, what can you do that is much more sophisticated than what I did? Or, should I say, just as sophisticated as what I did! My added value took up an hour. I got my entire fee and an invitation back. Would it work for you?

So, celebrate! Our market is shrinking! The world is getting smaller and smaller. And, opportunities are getting more and more prolific!

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