Event Trends You Need to Know and a BIG AHA for DEI Speakers

Jennifer Best of the AAE Speakers Bureau recently published an excellent article in Forbes outlining some great things we need to know going into 2024. I’ll summarize here. Note: where you see quotes, I’m directly quoting from the article.
Meeting trends:
1. Artificial intelligence will play a significant role in front of and behind the scenes. Using AI is becoming increasingly accepted, and we need to know how to leverage it. How will it impact us professionally, ethically, socially, and personally? “AI can already help us create multilingual audio versions of our presentations and streamline event planning processes.” More meeting professionals will be using AI in the planning stages.
2. Being mindful of Event accessibility and Neurodiversity will allow attendees to choose how they wish to participate in events. Learning formats will be adaptive and inclusive.
3. Events will be packed with learning and development. Planners report concentrating less on motivation and more on practical training.
4. “If 2022 was the year of the “great resignation,” 2023 became the year that employers looked to move people back into the office to mixed outcomes. For better or worse, this has caused a lot of turmoil in organizations.” Savvy speakers will make note of this! Corporate culture issues will be front and center.
5. More and more conferences are listening to attendees when they are requesting more networking time. Increased networking makes sense when you consider many employees aren’t working in offices anymore. Human connections will gain more attention.
6. Here’s the word for DEI speakers. The rest of us need to pay attention as well. The word of the year for meeting professionals will be “belonging” versus “inclusion.” You can be included without a feeling of belonging. Best says, “Belonging is the next evolution in diversity, equity and inclusion. As these terms have become more polarized in recent years than intended, it’s time to focus on the end goal: belonging. Helping people feel valued—regardless of their differences—is where we need to be.” Keep this in mind when you’re filling out speaker proposals and creating marketing copy. DEB. Diversity Equity and Belonging.

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