Industry Update – February 2023

I read a great article from on meetings on corporate events. In essence, they find that in these post-pandemic times, there is an incredible demand for in-person meeting. They cite “virtual fatigue”, and I think we all understand that very well. There is increased interest in smaller, one day meetings versus large, world-wide meetings.

AMX forecasted that the mood of meeting professionals is “positive and also overwhelmed”. 77% say they “are likely to be optimistic about the health of the industry headed into 2023, a 6% increase compared to last year.”

Dr. Marina Theodotou of reports that employees now look upon learning and development as a job perk rather than job requirement. SHRM sponsored a recent survey that indicated that 67% of HR functions received budget increases to deliver L&D. They concluded that increased budgets better its chances to retain and attract key talent. What we know, is that in an unpredictable job market, learning and development is critical to any chance of success. Virtual presentations will still play a key role. Lots of training is occurring virtually and will continue to do so.

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Here’s to a great 2023!


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