Keep Moving On!

SpeakingOkay folks .. keep it moving. In March when we were first dealing with cancellations and stay-at-home orders I said, “Its time to serve, not sell.” Well, that’s over. It’s time to sell!

Though the meetings (in-person) industry is suffering, there has never been a time when organizations need you more. I can’t remember a time in my 20 years in business when this hasn’t been more true.

It’s your job to let prospects know if they aren’t making virtual learning available they are losing at the very least:

  • productivity
  • profits
  • employee enrichment
  • engagement
  • community

Any group that isn’t moving forward is either losing ground or standing still. Remind them of this.

Start with reaching out to your client base. Those who’ve already invested in you and know your value. Make sure they know you’re available to help them progress through this time.

Reach out to prospects. Let them know you’re ready, willing and able to help them build momentum for whatever the “new next” may bring.

Be optimistic about your work. The meeting in-person industry will be back. In 2007 when the economy tanked many thought things would never be the same. Our industry came back stronger than ever. After 9-11 many thought meetings would be decimated believing no one wanted to travel again. We came back bigger than ever.

This isn’t a time to back down, it’s time to ramp it up!

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