There’s never been a better time to take your expertise to the market virtually. Consider this. Deal with what’s happening now. Ask yourself, how can I incorporate this current business environment into opportunities for my business and learning experiences for my clients and prospects?  Here are some ideas.


If you speak in leadership:


  • How to lead when people are working from home
  • How to keep teams working seamlessly from home
  • How to keep teams accountable even they work from home


If you speak on sales:


  • How to manage sales teams virtually
  • How to keep sales people motivated when working from home
  • How to keep sales goals alive during changing times


If you speak on customer service:


  • How can you continue to serve customers virtually when working from home
  • What virtual options should continue after people go back to work
  • What can we do to keep customers safe and engaged


If you speak on change:


  • How is change affecting employees who are now working from home
  • What will change as a result of working from home for a prolonged period of time
  • What have we learned from this experience that we can use when business gets back to a new normal


If you speak on stress or balance:


  • How to deal with job-related anxieties in during this unusual time
  • How to help employees concerned about missed goals and project delays
  • How to handle stress associated with job security if the crisis is prolonged
  • How to counteract social isolation during this time


I hope I’ve offered some ideas that will work for you our will give you additional ideas of what you might do to serve prospects abs clients during this time. Let me know .. Good luck!




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