Looking to 2024 in the Meetings Industry

It’s been a good year in our industry, and 2024 holds much promise! Here is my summary of a rather extensive report issued by AAE Speakers.

Hottest topics:

  • DEI inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Mental Health/Mindset
  • Future of Work
  • Corporate Culture
  • Technology

Their data suggests something interesting. More meeting professionals are prioritizing corporate culture issues for events. It was up 26% from 2022. This challenges speakers on how they can weave corporate culture into their programs. You may find more interest if you do.

It won’t surprise you that 75% of meeting professionals are concerned with the economy. They cite economic uncertainty as something they must constantly consider moving into 2024.

In-person events will still rule. Virtual events are still popular. This is good news. It allows us to serve clients in several ways. What is down? Hybrid. Fewer than ever. While hybrid holds appeal for attracting those who can’t or don’t wish to attend in person, it can be a budget buster to do well.

50% of respondents planning meetings report they begin looking for keynote speakers between two and six months before an event. 42% indicated six months to a year. Note: I assume they’re lumping together corporate and association meetings in this category.

Event organizers ask for the following from speakers to maximize engagement.

  • Meet and greet with attendees
  • Social media promotion
  • Book signing
  • Pre-event publicity (videos, etc.)
  • Meeting with executives

Use the above information and be proactive. Offer to do some of the above when selling your services.

Finally, how do organizers measure success? They use the following:

  • Attendance – 87% say this is a significant measure of success
  • Survey responses
  • Engagement with speakers, vendors, etc.
  • Social media engagement
  • Attendee/member retention
  • Downloads of resources

Ask yourself how you can use this market intelligence to enhance your offerings—2024 promises to be a great meeting year. Good luck!

Information gathered from AAE Final Speaking Report

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