Meeting Industry Outlook – November 2022

The good news in the meetings industry continues. Knowland, meetings market intelligence gatherer, reports the US meetings and events industry has achieved an 80% (!) recovery for the fifth month in row. Further, they predict 2023 to be even bigger.

The Top Five growth markets:

  • Phoenix
  • Washington DC
  • Orlando
  • Boston
  • San Diego

Here is the breakdown of market segments for October, 2022, according to Knowland.



Although here associations represent 12%, many predict (including me) that 2023 will be a banner year since most national level associations didn’t meet during the pandemic. Make sure you are staying in touch with associations you have worked with and are reaching out for new opportunities. My sense has been that if you target market, your outreach has a better chance of success. It’s also a good time to ask your corporate clients what associations they belong to. See if they can connect you with the program committee for the next meeting.

As we round out 2022, we’re thankful for where we are. As we look to 2023, there’s every reason to be excited about where we’re headed!

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