Meeting Intelligence Report – August 2023

I come bearing news of great joy to all the world, especially for speakers! According to Knowland, data provider in the meetings and events business, US volume for July 2023 was up … are you ready … 22% over a year ago. That’s quite a jump and a reason for optimism.

Top meeting cities:

  1. Los Angeles/Long Beach
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Dallas
  4. Orlando
  5. Miami

If you live in those cities or near (an easy flight) to those cities, consider joining the Convention and Visitors Bureau. As a member, you can access the “Convention Calendar,” which lists all events coming into those cities. Reach out and offer to present. Your competitive advantage is threefold: there would be no travel expenses, you get to sleep in your bed, and you’ve connected with a group that holds national meetings. If you’re not a fit now, you may be later.

Go out and Book More Business! (I couldn’t resist.)

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