Meetings Industry Continues to Rebound!

The meetings industry continues to rebound. Inflation isn’t running away, airfares are down, gas prices are down. All signs of good health. Generally, the comeback we are experiencing is a more sustainable pace than the last 30 months according to MPI.  Knowland reports an increase of 136% in August 2022 over August 2021.

Other stats according to Knowland

  • Average attendees per event increased
  • Top five markets growth as of August – Denver, Dallas, San Jose, Raleigh-Durham, and Phoenix

“What we learned in the pandemic and the switch to virtual meetings is there are new audiences we had not considered or just didn’t know about for our meetings.”

Darryl Diamond, CMP

Corporate meetings continue to dominate. Biggest players as of end of August were healthcare, technology, and training/education.

Meeting Planners International reports four out five meeting professionals predict favorable business conditions for the year ahead. 82% report attendance projections to continue to grow over the next 12 months. However, the industry is not without challenges. Challenges reported to include:

  • Shortage of meeting planners coming out of pandemic
  • Service declines in restaurants, hotels
  • Rising costs of food and beverage, audiovisual, hotel accommodations

The American Society of Association Executives report a “healthy rebound” in attendance for 2022. One factor in their findings – they are making many of their meetings hybrid.

Medicine affects optimism. There are new vaccines available, and the CDC is advising people follow their advice and get the new COVID vaccine as well as a regular flu shot.

My sense is that 2023 is going to be a banner year for national level associations. They haven’t met in person, and demand is high. Lead times are all over the place. Keep your finger on the pulse by following those in your market.

Now is the time to sell .. with abandon!


I’m joining two colleagues that you probably know, Cathy Fyock, the book coach, and Chuck Gallagher, the video guru, for an event that could help you book more business (I couldn’t resist!), make more money and monetize your message.

For the first time ever, we are offering what we are calling “The Experts Retreat”. We will bring you live, hands-on strategies and tactics that you can apply to your business immediately for maximum impact.

What would your business be like if you were able to:

  • Position your expertise and sell in a changing industry environment
  • Learn key marketing strategies that will put you front-of-mind with buyers
  • Leverage each opportunity and turn it into more cash
  • Develop powerful content in the form of blogs, books, articles that will position your business for growth
  • Repurpose writing so you can fully utilize work you’ve already developed into new products and services
  • Discover keys to creating an irresistible preview video
  • Implement new video strategies such as “Video Shorts” and “Topic Trailers” , “Book Trailers”, to increase interest in you and your expertise

When: November 10, 11 and 12, 2022  

Where: Chuck Gallagher’s incredible studio in Simpsonville, SC. Attendees will stay at the Hampton Inn:

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And this is what you will get:

  • All day access to three industry experts
  • Clarity around what you do, what you offer and who you offer it to
  • Tools and templates to utilize to be more productive (do you two have something you could add if we did this?)
  • Insight into future trends in the speaking, consulting, author and experts industry
  • Strategies that can be implemented to bring immediate results

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