Meetings Outlook for 2023

Good news for speakers! Andrea Doyle of Skift meetings gives an optimistic report on the meetings industry. Her optimism is tempered by the following real time concerns.

  1. Inflation and supply chain issues
  2. Staffing concerns at venues
  3. Geopolitical unrest

Despite the above, her overall sense is that business travel is back. Future group bookings are strong. Hotels are seeing increased demand for meeting space.

American Express Travel reports travel is back with abandon.

  1. Travel is back faster and stronger than many anticipated
  2. They are hiring as fast as it can find people to fill slots
  3. Lead times are short, probably because of the pandemic, also for budgeting reasons
  4. 65% of North American planners anticipate spending increases in 2023

Internal meetings are fastest growing category of meetings.  “Bringing staff together for training and teambuilding is no longer optional with a dispersed workforce,” the report notes. “In-person meetings have a vital role in strengthening culture, onboarding new staff, communicating corporate values and goals, and increasing employee engagement.”

  1. Specifically, for internal meetings:
  • For 2023, 66% will require travel for some attendees
  • 40% will be held in a city away from corporate headquarters
  • 45 will include an overnight stay
  • 39% will include networking activities for attendees

There are many reasons to be optimistic for the year ahead!


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