Omnipress Speaking Industry Report 2023

Omnipress is a tech solutions provider for mainly the association market. Keep this in mind as you read. This is a comprehensive report. I’ll link below. I’m going to share highlights that should interest speakers. Very interesting statistics.

  • 47% will be offering events that are totally in-person.
  • 25% will be events that are totally hybrid.
  • 21% will be offering completely virtual programming.

Things that are driving the above decisions include:

  • Contractual obligations.
  • Staff resources.
  • Accessibility considerations.
  • Attendee preferences.

Comments on in-person events. They believe:

  • These drive the best results.
  • Attendance will increase.
  • Attendees prefer.
  • Hybrid hard to manage – didn’t have enough to drive offer.

Comments on hybrid events. They believe:

  • It’s the new normal and will draw bigger numbers.
  • It offers flexibility.
  • Address adult learning preferences.

However, they also believe hybrid events:

  • Can create more problems that are out of their control.
  • Too expensive and doesn’t generate enough income to make it worth it.
  • Interest in virtual is waning.
  • Even if continuing hybrid may focus less on live and more on recordings.

Comments on totally virtual events:

  • If attendees are global, they get a good response.
  • Attendees facing staffing problems can accommodate more participants.

For those who are offering online access to meetings, be aware of how the recordings are being used, and you are being compensated! Some are taking content and rolling it into their learning platforms. Some are offering to anyone interested. Specifics are offered in the report.

The most important considerations as they plan their 2023 conferences include:

  • Increased attendance.
  • Attendee satisfaction.
  • Focus on DEI
  • Sponsor/exhibit satisfaction.
  • The number of speaker submissions.
  • Program quality.
  • Increased revenue from registration and sponsor/exhibits.

Trends to watch:

  • Gen Z wants to make sure their perspectives are included in meetings. Attracting and retaining this group will be essential.
  • Get more creative with sponsorship opportunities and make it a part of the overall marketing strategy.
  • Ensure that meetings are productive and meaningful. This means adding networking time, as well as more time for collaboration and self-reflection.
  • Decreased focus on attendance numbers, increased focus on value.

Link to full report:

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