Optimism Continues in Meeting Industry

Continued good news coming out of my intel sources on the industry. This summary is from the AAE Speakers Bureau.

  • In-person events climb to near pre-pandemic levels.

This bureau reports that 79% of bookings have been for in-person events, with only 21% virtual presentations. In 2019, before the pandemic, in-person events made up 90% of bookings. Artificial Intelligence remains a popular topic. (See my last intel report for additional information.)

  • AI is impacting the future of meetings.

“Ai enables hosts to craft hyper-personalized experiences that are interactive, educational, inclusive, and tailored to individual preferences … This empowers hosts to create deeply engaging and personal experiences for each guest, while also providing valuable insights for follow-up and future event planning.” Michael Cirino, House of Attention

Speakers also need to consider how they can utilize what Cirino talks about.

From Knowland, a provider of data to the meetings industry.

  • August 2023 event volume increased a whopping 21% over the previous year.
  • Top five markets
  1. Las Vegas
  2. Nashville
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Seattle
  5. Chicago


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