Speaking Industry Preview Report 2020

Speaking Industry Preview Report 2020


I like to provide a peek into what we can expect trend-wise in our businesses. Earlier this month Henry Devries used a few of my thoughts in an article for Forbes: (https://www.forbes.com/sites/henrydevries/2019/12/27/top-ten-2020-consultant-marketing-trend-predictions/


  • Move The Needle. High content presentations will still rule. Decision makers insist speakers move the needle regarding performance, productivity, profits, and engagement.


  • More Interaction And Less Yakking. Interactive presentations are more in demand than ever. This will challenge some traditional keynote speakers to consider how to meet this request.


  • Good News/Bad News For Being Paid To Speak. The Meeting Industry Association reports inquiries up 5%. They consider this to be a sign of optimism. However, competition among speakers vying for platforms will be as challenging as ever.


The Workforce Institute at Kronos reports: (https://www.kronos.com/about-us/newsroom/2020-global-workforce-predictions-workforce-institute-kronos?ecid=70161000001HK3MAAW&eqid=5487&src=LinkedIn&utm_source=LinkedIn&utm_medium=social&utm_content=t1&utm_campaign=PressRelease_WFIpredictions2020)


  • Good news for those who speak on employee wellness. Organizations realize it’s a way to drive recruitment and retention in a tight economy.


  • Employers will need to provide guidelines on how they’ll manage controversial and divisive dynamics in the workplace. Respecting a diversity of opinions as well as a diverse workforce will be necessary to a productive business. Leaders will be called on to set the tone.


Jessie States, Director of the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Academy reports: (https://www.citmagazine.com/article/1669535/warning-event-budgets-growth-slows)


  • “The experience economy is creating change within the meetings sector, as more and more meeting organizers say they are being asked to design events with experiential elements to increase attendance and excitement among all groups, with particular (though not sole) attention to younger audiences.”


  • “Budgets aren’t increasing at the same pace as they have for the past several years.”


Associations now report (and I’m thrilled!): (https://associationsnow.com/2020/01/whats-on-the-horizon-for-association-meetings-in-2020/)


  • There will be renewed effort to ensure speaker diversity. Panels that have leaned heavily on men will be more inclusive in every way. I hope this is true.


  • Because of attention by members and groups regarding their carbon footprints .. “For one, they will have to diversify their conference offerings. That may include creating regional events or even bringing education to members by hosting roadshows across the country. And, of course, associations can add a virtual component to a meeting for those who can’t be there.”


These are just some of things we’ll be seeing in coming months. Here’s to a great market for all of us!



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