Speaking of Change, Leadership, Team building

If you speak about change, leadership, or team building, there are many opportunities you may not have considered a fit for your business. I posted a while ago bout a pharmaceutical company merging with another. Anytime you see two companies merging (and it’s happening increasingly), it could be a great opportunity for you.

Merging cultures can be chaotic for companies. New people, new positions, some people losing jobs, others being transferred in, executives becoming middle management, etc. If you have expertise in this area, it is an opportunity for you to come in and make the transition easier for everyone involved.

Further, it may be beneficial for you to offer a package of services. For example, do a speech on your given subject. Combine it with a consulting package where you can work with specific groups to ensure things go smoothly. The consulting could be handled via Zoom with a handout or short eBook. Adding consulting to a speech is a great way to deepen the relationship, offer more expertise, and make more money!

I suggest my clients get a copy of the Wall Street Journal or access it online at least once a week on Monday or Friday. This should be done along with reading the business section of your local paper and perhaps subscribing to a Business Journal if your city has one.

These places, along with national news, are where you will hear of takeovers. Every time you read about one, consider approaching them to see if you can make the transition easier. Think merging of cultures! It may be a new money-maker for you!

Happy hunting!

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