The Clarity to Cash Challenge!

[FREE] Gina Carr and I are holding a “Clarity to Cash Challenge” next week beginning Monday, May 17.

Ready to get clear on your unique offering to people that are hungry for your service and eager to pay you to help them solve their problems?

Then you’re our kind of entrepreneur!

The Clarity to Cash 5-Day Challenge is designed to help you get clear on the 3 key decisions every professional speaker needs to make in order to have a successful business.

We will walk you through each key decision and share shortcuts, stories, examples, and exercises that will help you craft a clear, compelling, powerful message that will help you book more business!

In addition to this very actionable training, you will also get access to an exclusive private Facebook group where you’ll be surrounded by ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs.

After decades of working with successful speakers, this is the most valuable FREE opportunity we’ve ever created.

Event starts Monday, May 17 at 4 PM ET, 3 PM CT. Runs Monday thru Friday.

Register to attend and to access recordings:

Come join the party and get all the support you need to turn your intellectual property into a crystal clear message you can monetize!

Lois Creamer