Why NOW is a Great Time to Sell

I can hear you saying … “but it’s the holiday season. No one wants to buy our speaking services during November and December.” Au contraire my friends!

There may be no better time than now to reach decision makers. Many are taking time off, answering their own phones, and can have a conversation. Even if a decision maker isn’t making a decision right now, the time is right to establish a relationship and find out exactly when they’ll be in decision-making mode.

The opportunity for you comes in knowing when the actual decisions take place and using the time between now and then to foster the relationship. You can use this time to forward blog posts, articles that demonstrate your value. Follow decision makers on LinkedIn or other social media platforms and engage in conversation and offer your take on an issue.

All of this means now is the time to put yourself in front of decision makers. Then when they’re in a planning mode, you’re a known quantity.

There’s no time like NOW!


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