How to Market Yourself as a Professional Speaker

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If you want to be a professional speaker you need to master the marketing-art of the phone call to get booked.

“You need to get on the phone and risk that someone will say yes to you,” says Lois Creamer, a go-to expert on marketing professional speakers.

Every time you reach out and make a phone call one of the first questions you should ask is “When are you going to be in planning mode for the next meeting?” If they are not ready to buy, advises Creamer, then that is not the right time to speak to them.

Many executives, consultants, and coaches would like full or part-time work being paid to give speeches. The trick is having something of value to say and then connecting with the people willing to pay speakers.

Recently I sat down with Creamer, a woman who works with professional speakers that want to book more business and make more money. She was one of the featured expert presenters at the National Speakers Association winter conference last February in Las Vegas. Creamer knows the speaking business inside and out. She has worked with the superstars of speaking and the newbies, both as a cheerleader and strategist.

“After so many years I thought I knew everything about this business until I worked with Lois,” said Jeffrey Gitomer, best-selling author of The Little Red Book of Sales.

Here are the top 10 questions Creamer advises speakers to use to book more business:

  1. Do you use paid professional speakers?
  2. When do you begin planning the meeting?
  3. Who have you used in the past?
  4. Do you have a specific program date?
  5. Where will the meeting be held?
  6. What type of meeting is this?
  7. How is the decision made regarding speakers?
  8. Is there a focus or theme for your meeting?
  9. Is there a budget I should be aware of?
  10. Is there anything else you need from me in order to decide if I would be a good fit for your meeting?

Lois works with professional speakers who want to book more business, make more money and avoid costly mistakes! She can be reached in the following ways:
Twitter: @loiscreamer
Phone: 314.822.8225
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