Pandemic Challenges and Changes

Pandemic Challenges and Changes

A couple of months into the pandemic I reassessed my business. Most of us did if we wanted to remain relevant. My big takeaway? I wanted to create a bigger digital presence. I made the following changes after much thought and investigation.

  1. I have dreamed of having membership site. I’m active in Gina Carr’s “Video Rock Starz Membership Group”. She is one, smart cookie! After expressing an interest, she recommended I look into TRIBE, an organization run by Stu McLaren that’s all about creating, running and sustaining a membership group. It wasn’t cheap. It was worth every penny. I took the course and ultimately started my own membership group – “Book More Business: Monetize Your Message”, a private Facebook group, last fall. My group isn’t for speakers launching a business. It’s for speakers already in business, intermediate to advanced speakers who use speaking for fee as a marketing tool to grow or in any way enhance in their business.
  2. I have wanted to create courses for speakers. In order to do this well, I took another course, it wasn’t cheap. It was worth every penny. I took Amy Porterfield’s DIGITAL COURSE ACADEMY. She’s terrific. Since I’m a consultant and speaker, I had a pretty good idea of content and how to present content, but … I got clarity not only around those things, but how to promote, cultivate leads and more.
  3. I need to create more video (thanks Gina Carr and VRS!) … and needed a new computer in order to facilitate it. It wasn’t cheap. It was worth every penny. (With guidance and thanks to my tech advisor and guru Terry Brock).

So, while most were tightening budgets, I was spending with abandon. Or at least it felt that way!

My membership group: Book More Business: Monetize Your Message

It has been incredibly rewarding! It’s allowed me to consult and coach with my members. It’s a high content group and it’s purpose is to work with speakers, consultants and experts who want to book more business, make more money and monetize their message. (No surprise there!) The feedback has been extremely positive. We meet weekly for an hour or so. It’s a mix of topics around business growth, special guests, hot seats, Q&A, and other benefits still evolving. My members even get free tickets to many of my online course offerings.

I started with a “founding members launch” and last month opened membership for the first time for a 48-hour period. This allows members to get to know each other without constantly adding new people at any time. Community is a big part of my group. I want members to not only interact with me, but with each other. Experienced businesspeople helping experienced businesspeople take it to the next level. A good recipe!

My course work:

I’ve delivered a course one time to date. A lot of work went into it. Gina Carr was an essential partner in that she helped me design a Challenge – “The Clarity to Cash Challenge”, a free five-day, content rich challenge designed to help participants gain clarity around what exactly they have to offer and who they offer it to. We then suggested the course for those that wanted to take a next step. It was called “Creating Your Speaker Marketing Toolkit” and was a great success. Unlike many, it is a live, four-hour course. Highly interactive, designed to not just talk about tools, but to actually create them. I decided to do the course live in order to be able to respond in real-time to questions. In May, we’ll be running the challenge and course again.

So, as you can see, I’ve made some changes. No changes to what I do, just some additional ways I do what I do. Are there changes you need to make?

FYI … if you’re interested in more information about my membership group or courses, send me an email to I’ll let you know when they’re available.

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