Protect Your Intellectual Property!

As a professional speaker, you must protect your intellectual property. Most times you are asked to do a virtual or hybrid event, you should assume it’s being recorded on client servers if that’s the plan. Great to have presentation recorded on your own computer, but most clients will prefer to handle it on their end. When you send your agreement, make sure you are covering your understanding of how the recordings may be used. In fact, IP attorney Russ Riddle, suggests a “boilerplate” clause such as this: : “My session may not be recorded by any means without my advance written permission.” This will create the conversation that lets you know what your client wants to do with the recording.

Offer recordings for a specific period of time so that clients can listen as many times as they want and on the day their subscription expires or reaches its 14th day it that is what you agreed upon, communicate this in person or via email. You can mention that you trust people have enjoyed listening thus far–“I know we had agreed upon X days but if there are still those who would like more access feel free contact me and we can license you for more time.” An addendum to the original agreement may be necessary or an email summing up any changes to the additional agreement for use of the recording. If the client opts out, ask that your recordings be removed from their intranet if that’s where your material resides.

You’ve put time and energy into your recordings and presentations. Make sure you are protecting your intellectual property!

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