Selling Books: A New Idea

I was watching Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources”, a show I enjoy. Brian recently released his latest book. He mentioned this and then he said …


“The first 100 who email me today will get sent a signed bookplate to put in your book.”


Genius! For those who sell books, this is an idea we can use!


You already know I’m a big believer in always trying to presell books every time you speak. By the way, this includes in-person s as well as virtual events. As a reminder, I suggest this language ..


“I’m looking forward to presenting to your group. Say, do you think it would make sense for everyone in the audience to be able to walk away with the companion book to my program? If you do, I can offer a great discount.”


In this scenario, selling in the back of the room would be your fall back proposition ..


“May I make my book (books, other products) available in the back of the room for those who like additional information?”


Here’s where a book plate would work. For those who direct ship books, you can take signed book plates with you. This would eliminate the need to have the books shipped to you to sign and ultimately ship again to your client. Further, when at an event, it allows you to spend time talking to prospects and clients instead of trying to stay in a conversation while you’re signing a book. You can bring signed book plates with you.


I hope this may be an idea that works for you. Let me know!


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