Book More Business Names “Person on the Year”!

Pay close attention .. you may just see your name. As we round out 2021, it’s time for me to think about who I’d nominate for “person of the year”.

It’s for people who have struggled the last two years, yet they survive.

It’s for people who have taken on odd jobs to make ends meet, yet, they survive.

It’s for people who have taken on full-time employment to support their families, yet, they survive.

It’s for those of us who have had to deal with COVID, yet, we survived. (Thank you vaccines.)

It’s for friends and families who helped those of us who got COVID make it successfully through. #thankful

It’s for speakers who wanted to be in front of audiences but found themselves instead in front of monitors, yet, they survived.

It’s for speakers who sucked it up and traveled to events when they may have felt nervous, yet, they survived.

It’s for speakers, consultants, authors, trainers and experts who found new ways of doing digital in spite of tech insecurities. We survived.

It’s for writers who created prolific content during this crazy time. They thrived.

It’s for all of us who kept the faith, were able to hand on to business and remain optimists .. that I celebrate!

YOU ALL are my “persons of the year”. Congratulations!

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