Successful Client Follow Up Will Generate More Money

When I had surgery several years ago, part of my recovery included aftercare. It involved a visiting nurse coming every couple of days to check in and perform any procedures that needed to be done. It got me thinking .. Why don’t speakers offer the same thing?

Aftercare is defined as “subsequent care or maintenance.” I define aftercare as a follow-up service that helps the client accomplish more than could possibly be done in a single speech. After your program, make a follow up “thank you call” within 48 hours of the event. I outlined what you may want to include in an earlier post. It is at this point where we introduce aftercare by saying (one of my phrases that pay!) “Do you think it would make sense to take an extra step to ensure that the ideas, techniques, and strategies I talked about are actually implemented by your team?”

I did this very thing when I was doing sales programs. An interesting thing happened. Several times I made more on the aftercare than I did doing the speech! In fact, many times the speech was more like a paid showcase! Aftercare can be consulting, webinar, Tele-seminar, products or even another speech or training.  It can be an online sales meeting on Skype or Zoom that is recorded. That way the client can have any manager who may have missed the meeting to review the video.

Consider this. After bringing me in to do a sales program I call and say to the decision maker, “Say, do you think it would make sense for me to work with your sales managers to make sure they’re applying my content?” Think about it! It’s a hard “no”! Hard to say, “No thanks, after spending thousands for your program we don’t care if the new ideas are actually implemented!” I want it to be hard to give an immediate “no”. Note – aftercare can apply to any topic. If you present on leadership, your work would be done with members of the management team.

Much of what this accomplishes is obvious. A big consideration is money. Aftercare can be a great addition to your bottom line. One of the most terrific benefits is that you become a resource to a client rather than a mere speaker!

What services could you offer on your list of aftercare services? It’s worth thinking about… But only if you think it makes sense..!


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